At some point, we all wonder: How to get things done? How can we become more consistent, productive, and efficient to accomplish all our goals? 

Despite the hype and attention, staying motivated isn’t everything; it may not be as crucial as discipline. Find out why discipline matters more than motivation. 

Motivations vs. Discipline

When you have to do something, you can go about it in one of two ways. Motivation happens to be the most popular method by far. The second method is self-discipline, a method that does not receive as much attention. 

So, what are the key differences between them? And is discipline better than motivation? 

The trouble with motivation is that it can vary. Even high motivation can ultimately turn into low motivation when fatigue, apprehension, uncertainty, or stress take over. So, motivation is not completely reliable when faced with adversities like fatigue, stress, and burnout. When these conditions set in, you will find that motivation inevitably decreases. In such cases, you will have to rely on discipline to keep going. 

Discipline is all about persevering in the face of hardship and adversity. It is about persisting even if you feel disinclined to work towards your goals. 

Could Motivation Be Self-Defeating?

If you rely on motivation alone, it could be problematic and even self-defeating. Motivation depends strongly on your interest level. 

Suppose you are indeed interested in attaining your goals. But what if your interest in leisurely activities is much higher? Due to the high level of enjoyment that we get from leisurely activities, our interest level is high for such things. 

Hence, the motivation to indulge in these activities is invariably high. After all, it is far more enjoyable to watch a movie than to sit down and do work that is both arduous and complex. Focusing on what interests and motivates you the most could thus be counterproductive. 

Self-discipline, on the other hand, does not have this drawback. Discipline provides you with the impetus to keep going and to consistent in your work even if you feel tempted to have fun watching the latest blockbuster movie or playing the most recent AAA video game. 

Discipline, Not Motivation Is The Gold Standard In Armed Forces

The training provided to recruits is designed to instill lasting discipline. Armed forces all over the world deeply cherish discipline. From the very start, recruits are subjected to the most austere discipline. 

With discipline, you can conquer fear, reluctance, trepidation, and other problems that hinder you from attaining your goals. Armed forces everywhere afford top priority to discipline, not motivation. 

Is Motivation Overrated?

This does not mean that motivation is useless. High motivation is no doubt helpful. But when motivation runs low or motivation for time-wasting activities is substantially higher, you will have to switch tracks to self-discipline. 

Bottom Line

While motivation can help, you should prioritize discipline to become consistent, productive, and focused. This way, you can chase your dreams more efficiently.