Horoscope gone wrong, just my luck


Leo Horoscope of the Day from horoscope.com, “Your normal steady pace usually wins the race, Leo, but today you might need to take some shortcuts. Jump on opportunities that seem to come out of nowhere, but don’t feel like you need to commit to anything now. Take your chances and see where luck takes you. There’s an adventurous spirit in the air urging you to take an unexpected gamble.”

This horoscope helped and hindered my day as usual starting with the advice of trying to use some shortcuts. I decided to attempt using a short cut on my morning route to work and stopping by my local coffee shop. Upon arriving to the coffee shop, I noticed a man following a woman in the parking lot and she was noticeably uncomfortable.

This seemed like an opportunity coming out of nowhere and I decided to take a chance to help this woman. I worked up the courage to walk along with the woman asking if she was ok or needed help, she said she was fine as the man continued trying to talk to her. We ignored him and I made sure she got to her car safely as the man finally gave up and walked away.

I never got the young girl’s name, but she was frowning until she got into her car and she smiled at me as she drove away. It felt good to help someone and it turns out my horoscope was accurate about taking an unexpected gamble.