You likely already know that getting a healthy intake of sunlight is beneficial for your general health. However, you may have wondered in what specific ways the sun actually impacts our bodies in positive ways. In the world of health and wellness, it is crucial to understand the “whys” so you do not just accept information blindly. Here are just a few of the specific benefits sunlight gives us.                                            

Catalyst To Good Sleep

Melatonin is a hormone that our bodies produce which helps us fall asleep. When we have trouble falling asleep, it is likely because our body is confused about when it should be producing melatonin. Because darkness helps to produce melatonin, sunlight in the day corrects our circadian rhythm to make sure melatonin is produced when we actually want to fall asleep. 

Helps Depression and Anxiety

Another chemical in which sunlight is a catalyst is serotonin, which helps us stay in a good mood, as well as focused and energized. In this way, getting a proper intake of sunlight is highly beneficial in keeping your spirits high in times where seasonal depression may be common, or you just need an uplift in mood. 

Helps Our Bones and Joints

You may have heard that you can acquire higher levels of Vitamin D from sunlight, which is true. There are many benefits of Vitamin D, and one of them is its ability to maintain calcium simultaneously. Calcium is crucial in preventing our joints and bones from becoming weak and brittle and will help stave off joint-related ailments over time. 

Build a Stronger Immune System

A more well-known benefit of Vitamin D, which is produced when our bodies come into contact with sunlight, is its ability to strengthen our immune systems. Having a healthy immune system is crucial to long-term health, as it has the ability to reduce our risk of anything from the common cold to rare forms of cancer.