Political and economic factors play a role in determining the changes in Medicare each year. Amidst record-breaking stock market fluctuations and early retirements due to the global pandemic, we’ve all seen significant changes in the last three years.  

Medicare changes will impact those who are sixty-five and above. 2022 has proved that these changes aren’t hindering anytime soon. Since providers are always working towards offering better options and more competitive rates, 2022 has been no different.   

Understanding these changes is the first step to preparing for them. The expected Medicare Advantage Plan membership in 2022 is more than double.   

Latest Medicare Benefits   

Technological advancements are being made each day. Thanks to these new technologies and medications, Medicare is offering new benefits such as additional insulin coverage, telehealth services, and potential coverage for Alzheimer’s drugs.  

Non-Medical Supplemental Benefits  

This field has one of the most substantial boosts. It primarily comprises nutrition, in-home services, meals, and transportation. It is anticipated to see the highest levels of increase in nutrition and in-home services.   

In-home services include advantages such as bathing, personal assistance, medication, grooming, recovery from surgical procedures, etc. Additionally, nutritional benefits such as medical nutrition therapy (MNT), nutritional counseling, and obesity screenings are said to rise.   

$0 Premiums  

Before 2022, the instructions were such that all seniors needed to pay for the Medicare Part B premium if they signed up for the Advantage Plan. However, there have been changes in 2022 as a considerable percentage of beneficiaries are eligible to get access to zero premiums compared to 2021.   

Moreover, the average monthly premium for all Advantage Plans in 2022 has decreased compared to 2021, and that too by a whole two percent. It makes it an ideal choice for seniors.   

Developing Coverage Zones  

Medicare Advantage Plan providers have been expanding their service areas countrywide to include as many seniors as possible. Providers are keen on keeping high-demand areas as their priority. It will allow them to reach more clients in the coming years.    

Final Notes  

Medicare Advantage Plans offer a wide range of benefits for seniors, and because of these progressing plans, it is continuously growing. If you’re planning to make the switch, first, you need to see how it’ll benefit you.   

You must sit down and evaluate your medical needs and speak to a professional. As you age, you need to know you’re doing your best to look after yourself.