High school sweethearts Katerina and Andrew Levin had been head over heels for each other since their first meeting on the high school football field. Andrew was team captain of the football team, and Katherine was a cheerleader.                                           

Years later, they were married with four kids for as long as Katherine can remember. As a mother of four, she stays home to raise the kids, and Andrew is out all the time working as a lawyer. With high-stress levels at work, she has noticed he has been coming home late and that something is up. 

On the first day of the therapy, I felt ready happy Is somehow convinced him to go. Caroline was super down to earth, giving us mats. We started the breathing and couple’s therapy talking part of the session; he was acting oddly overly happy to interact with Caroline. I was antsy to get the couples yoga exercise that we failed miserably.

Days later, I discovered I had some trust issues within our marriage. after worrier one calming breath and down dogs, we were down to the last day of the session; everything was forgotten. When I discovered my husband was texting my best friend about a surprise trip to Honolulu for just the two of us. Benefiting greatly from Caroline, we had thanked her with praise and anamaste.