It is a wise idea for everyone, in general, to take part in a workout routine. However, veterans, in particular, may have even extra incentives to keep in shape. This is because exercise in general is a fantastic preventative measure of many long-term health issues that veterans tend to be at higher risk for. Many veterans were once at a peak physical fitness level at the time they served, and this presents an interesting challenge for them in their post-military lives as they no longer have the immediate need to stay in peak physical shape. Here are some ways to establish a workout routine in post-military life. 

Let Your Family Know

It is common for veterans to want to compensate for time lost with their family while serving, and understandably so. Keeping up with a workout routine will likely require some alone time and away from the family, however, so it will be important that you and your family stay on the same page. Simply let them know the reasons that you need to be working out and talk through your goals with them to avoid any disappointment. 

Create An Organized Routine

After you have served, intense physical activity may seem like somewhat of a drag to take part in. This is almost entirely mental, however, as the physical activity, you engaged in while in the military was likely far more intense. The key to this is to fit your workout into your daily schedule so it just feels like another task that needs to be completed, rather than a chore that you need to go above and beyond to complete. 

Embrace The Fun

Believe it or not, working out is a really enjoyable hobby for a lot of people. Now that you have more freedom of how you choose to work out in your post-military life, I would recommend embracing that to the fullest. Take part in fun ways to work out such as playing basketball or swimming for cardio. Listen to music as you work out or listen to your favorite podcasts. Find what is comfortable for you, as well as what makes the experience of staying in shape enjoyable.