Consumers are gaining awareness regarding the ingredients they put in their bodies. Now, they’re actively looking for ingredients that benefit their health. Fortunately for consumers, pharmaceutical companies recognize their need for a healthier lifestyle and have developed technologies that aid in optimized extraction processes. 

The pharmaceutical company, Pharmactive, has recently launched a new generation of aged black garlic extract. This extract is perfect for numerous food applications and can be used as a standalone supplement. 

The extract is derived from aged garlic and is highly beneficial due to its antioxidant properties. These are some steps Pharmactive is taking towards changing the supplement market and how beneficial aged black garlic (ABG) extraction is. 

How Is Pharmactive Making A Change?

The best part about Pharmactive is recognizing and acknowledging consumers’ demand for a healthier lifestyle. Since the global pandemic, people have become more aware of what’s healthy and unhealthy. 

They’re much more careful than before the pre-pandemic era. Consumers are undoubtedly in luck, as companies like Pharmactive are launching products that can benefit them. 

Pharmactive has thus far been pretty successful in marketingABG10+, a black garlic extract, and it’s also marketing a newer formula containing ABG25+. The latter is a more concentrated and bolstered ingredient that has incredible effects on heart health and immunity. ABG25+ is known to increase one’s immunity, allowing people to protect themselves from acquiring the deadly COVID-19. 

Is Aged Black Garlic A Game Changer?

The culinary world is no stranger to aged black garlic, a sit’s considered a beneficial ingredient by many professional chefs and cooks. It’s now being recognized as a health supplement too. 

The aging of fresh garlic bulbs extracts aged black garlic. The aging process contains a Maillard reaction that transforms fresh garlic into aged black garlic with unique characteristics. 

The characteristics include a black hue and a unique caramel-like flavor and texture. The difference between regular garlic and aged black garlic is the molecular structure. 

The molecular structure of the latter includes potent antioxidant properties as the main bioactive molecules get enriched. The antioxidants include flavonoids, polyphenols, melanoidins, etc. 

Pharmactive’s ABG+ Line Of Extractions

Here’s the thing, Pharmactive deeply cares for its consumers, so they ensure to create supplements and products that will benefit their customers. This brand’s extraction of ABG comes from a variety of Spanish garlic known as “Spring Violet.” Pharmactive grows its garlic on a sunny and dry land in Spain itself (where it gets its garlic from). 

The land’s harsh conditions transform garlic into ABG by generating beneficial bioactive compounds, making it a unique and valuable product for consumers to boost their health. Pharmactive is also very careful about not harming the environment and uses green technology that generates low waste while reducing energy consumption. 

Benefits Of Black Aged Garlic

One of the best things about aged black garlic is that it doesn’t contain harmful contaminations. It’s as organic as it gets, and it undoubtedly won’t fuel your body with poisonous substances. Aged black garlic is known for its cardio-protective qualities, substantially improving your heart health. If you want to boost your immunity and energy levels, we suggest you immediately consume some aged black garlic extract.