Drinking water throughout the day is really beneficial for your overall health. It keeps you hydrated, and fresh and is beneficial for your skin. However, the choice you make of sourcing your daily water intake through a purchase of bottled water from the cafeteria – is where it goes all wrong for your environment. 

Believe it or not, according to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), over 8.3 billion tons of plastic trash exist globally. The numbers are trending upwards every day. It only makes sense that with the ever-increasing numbers of plastic waste, it is vital to address and cut down on ways that contribute towards it, i.e., water intake from plastic bottles. 

Therefore, we have compiled a few of the easiest ways to help you do your part in cutting down bottled water usage and, in turn, slashing plastic waste’s contribution to our future wellness. We recommend some easy steps towards reducing plastic bottle waste. 

Carry Your Own Water Bottle

First things first, probably the easiest way you can make a significant impact on both your and our planet’s health is to carry your own water bottle. You can see the likes of many famous celebrities, models, and actors carrying their water bottles to gyms, etc. One trend that seems to stay and has become a style statement to carry big, jumbo, gigantic water bottles. 

If they can do it and make it look so cool, then why shouldn’t you? Almost all of the facilities you visit on a daily basis, from school to work and the gym, have drinking water available. You can easily refill your own water bottle that you carry from these sources. The bigger the bottle, the lesser the chances of needing a refill in the first place. 

If You Do Get Bottled Water, Recycle 

Sometimes the situation becomes inevitable. So you might find yourself getting bottled water as you might have no other option. However, that should not mean that you have been evicted from your responsibility towards the environment and can discard the bottle however you may please. 

Instead, this is the best time to show your loyalty to being an eco-contributor. You can bring back the plastic bottle home and get creative with ways you can recycle it. The possibilities are endless, from using it to grow plants to cutting it up and DIY projects for decorative items. After all, where there is a will, there is a way. 

Charity Begins At Home

Last but not least, you need to be a solid believer in the notion that charity begins at home. And working towards the wellness of our planet’s future, doing your part in being sustainable and eco-friendly is nothing short of charity that should, by all means, begin at home. What better way is there than to practice what you preach by starting at home? 

After all, you might be met with resistance towards your  stance outside. You can easily establish some rules in your home. For instance, ban plastic water bottles from being sourced in your home. Arrange for your own water filter purifier to completely eradicate any further chance of plastic bottles of water. 

Bottom Line

While change is understandably tricky, it is essential to proceed with an open mind towards accepting the new environmentally friendly norms. Only then shall we be able to acquire eco-friendly and sustainable ways to live our lives and do good for the future of this planet. We hope the tips we shared help cut down your bottled water usage. Cheers!