Social media promotes many trends these days, which are a source of true wisdom and empowerment. Body positivity is one of them. Women from all over the world are now opening up about their body shapes and sizes and sharing their pictures openly as a sign of self-confidence.

Yet, some women fail to get inspired by these posts and think low about their body image, leading to poor physical and mental health. The best practice to become more body positive is through self-care practices that can also help boost your confidence. 

1. Mindful Meditation

Psychologists and psychiatrists worldwide emphasize the importance of meditation for good mental and physical well-being. Hence, practicing meditation can also prove beneficial for body positivity. Giving yourself some alone and peaceful time apart from your daily routine can do wonders and making it a habit will strongly impact on your body. 

2. Be Social

Engaging with others and sharing your thoughts and experiences is a step towards being open and confident about yourself. Many focus groups are now created with body positivity as their main topic. Joining such groups will give you more insight into how other women struggle with body negativity and what they are doing to overcome it. In this way, you won’t feel alone in this journey. 

3. Positive Self Talk

Reaffirmation about oneself can induce a lot of positivity about how you perceive your environment. Make your positive quote or speech and recite it yourself daily in front of the mirror. In this way, you can achieve a positive outlook overall and will feel energized every day. 

4. Be An Inspiration For Others

Spread body positivity on social media by sharing your experiences and pictures if you are comfortable. Post a body-positive quote daily and invite others to speak about themselves on live streaming. You can also provide an open platform for people who want to anonymously share their thoughts and experiences. You can boost them up and let them know that it’s normal to be who you are, and you have to accept it. 

5. Reinforcements

Reward yourself daily for how far you have come. Order skin care products, go to a massage therapist, or have a spa day to feel good about yourself. It would help if you focused on thinking healthier rather than skinnier or heavier. For being positive, acceptance is necessary. Choose how to accept it in ways that you like. In this way, you will have a command of your own life, and you will be your inspiration. 

6. Take A Break

It is okay to feel overwhelmed and stressed out on some days. It’s better to have some days off from social media and excess work. Focus on yourselves and remember that your mental health and well-being are way more important than anything. Take help from a professional if you feel like it. Spend time with your loved ones, and go outside for a walk. Feel special in every moment and take nothing for granted. 

Final Thoughts

Having a positive self-image is difficult, but it’s not impossible to achieve. You can take help from the pointers mentioned above if you cannot have a positive body image. Just remember to relax your mind and engage yourself in anything which gives you pleasure and self-assurance.