Getting a general level of activity daily is key to many aspects of our health. Sitting for long periods is not healthy, and walking often can help improve cardiovascular health and help burn a necessary amount of calories. With all of the technology that is currently available to measure health, we can make more concrete numeric goals to try and reach. A common goal that is given to sustain an active lifestyle is a number of 10,000 steps a day. This is not necessarily an easy number, but here are some things you can do to ensure you hit this number. 

Take Stairs Over Elevators

If you are at the mall, at work, or anywhere where there is an option between an elevator and stairs, it is wise to take the stairs. Over time, this makes a significant difference. 

Park Far Away

Hitting 10,000 steps a day is all about seeing where you can add additional steps in your daily routine. One way to do this is to force yourself to walk farther than normal by parking farther away from the entrance in parking lots 

Take Short Walks Throughout The Day

We realize that it may be unrealistic to take long walks that last an hour or more in your busy day, however instead of spending that 15 minute break on a couch and on your phone, listen to music on your phone and walk around! 

Adopt A Dog

A surefire way to get yourself to get in more daily steps is by creating a commitment for yourself that requires more steps. A good way to do this is to get a dog. Of course, you should not get a dog just to get more steps in, but it would be a definite benefit. 

Walk To Nearby Destinations

If you have to go somewhere that is only, say, 0.5 miles away from where you live, don’t bother getting in the car and driving there. If you run this errand simply by walking, you can walk an extra mile and add likely a couple of thousand extra steps.