Best Vitamins for Women Over 50

By: Vitamins Wizards


Changing Your Vitamin Routine or Starting a New One 

In an ideal world, we can get the bulk of our nutrient needs met through eating a diet consisting of real, whole foods with plenty of fresh veggies and fruits. While this should be our primary focus at any age, certain needs will likely need to be met via supplements, the specifics of which change with age.

Women over 50 have unique micronutrient needs that take into consideration hormonal balance and bone and vision health, among others. Whether you have already experienced imbalances or conditions that need addressing or you are simply acting preventatively, read on to learn which are the best vitamins for women over 50.


While men over 50 can also benefit from supplementing with calcium, women are especially at risk for developing osteoporosis due to the role that estrogen plays in maintaining bone mass, and that estrogen naturally declines with age.

Studies show that a poor diet, lack of exercise and high-stress levels also puts women at higher risk for osteoporosis. Food sources include dairy (ideally whole and organic), sesame seeds, sardines, collard greens, spinach and blackstrap molasses. Considering that women over 50 should be getting at least 800 mg per day of calcium (if not closer to 1,000-1,200), supplementing with high-quality calcium might be necessary.


Unfortunately, women tend to be more stressed than men on average, and we all go through our body's magnesium stores at faster rates under chronic stress.

Studies show that women with adequate magnesium levels are less likely to develop type 2 diabetes (along with a healthy diet), and magnesium carries out over 600 crucial functions in the body.

Along with supporting healthy sleep and stress levels, magnesium also plays a role in heart health and can relieve constipation.

Omega 3's

This is another one that can certainly be included in men's supplement plan over the age of 50, but adequate levels of healthy fats are especially important for women's hormonal balance.

The typical SAD (Standard American Diet) is far too high in inflammatory omega 6 fatty acids and too low in omega 3's, and it can be hard to meet our need for these anti-inflammatory fats with diet alone (unless you eat a minimum of 3 servings per week of wild caught, fatty fish).

Omega 3's work to fight anxiety and depression, improve joint and bone health, reduce risk factors for heart disease, help prevent cancer and fight overall inflammation, which can worsen symptoms of menopause.


Having healthy gut flora is important for everybody, but the right probiotic supplement can absolutely benefit women over 50. Probiotics support healthy thyroid function (therefore helping to regulate metabolism), help support normal blood cholesterol levels, and boost immune function.

Certain probiotic products are also combined with prebiotics, digestive enzymes and other vitamins and minerals that are specially designed for women over 50.

Women's Multi-Vitamin

Last but certainly not least is a multi-vitamin specifically geared towards women over 50. Studies show that this population is at greater risk for nutritional deficiencies due to changes associated with chronic illnesses, prescription medications, and general aging. A good quality multi should include vitamin B-12, C and D along with calcium, iron, zinc and trace minerals.

We recommend Ultra Woman™ 50+ for women over 50. This potent formula contains Vitamin A and C, Folic Acid, Iron and more and is combined with a special blend to create an effective, daily multivitamin.

While aging can put women over 50 at risk for certain nutrient deficiencies, eating a whole foods diet and developing a smart supplement plan can keep you healthy, address any current symptoms, and prevent future ones.

Always get your doctors advice on dosage and any potential drug-supplement interactions.